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Special Projects

RMCA at The 2005 Street of Dreams

Three of the seven homes at this year's Street of Dreams contracted with Residential Masonry Contractors Association members for their masonry. If you realize that this is the most prestigious show of its kind in the state, then that really does show you something. The fact of the matter is, all the masonry contractors on the Street of Dreams did an outstanding job with the tight schedules and close quarters. We will definitely talk to each of the non-members that participated and ask them to join RMCA; they really did a nice job.

Henry Pratti of Bear Creek Masonry, one of our newest members, did a beautiful job on House #1, the Aston Villa, by Steven D. Cramer & Associates, Inc. It was another incredible design by Gerry Slick Design Group. Gerry has always incorporated lots of masonry into his designs, and Henry's Bear Creak Masonry installed the masonry with their usual attention to detail. Bear Creek Masonry used two skilled masons and a seasoned hoddy to install the fabricated stone, precast ledgers, and wall caps.

Holliday Masonry accounted for the other two masonry homes contracted by members. Home #4, The Breckenridge, by Gregerson Custom Homes was the only home using a natural stone. The walls were capped with Napa Valley Cast Stone precast. Napa Valley also provided the precast window wraps that Holliday Masonry installed around every window in the home. The full masonry fireplace on the patio features a herringbone firebox, a built in barbeque, sink and refrigerator, all set in stone, with precast counters fabricated locally by Stonehenge.

When Todd Parmenter walked across the cul-de-sac and asked if Holliday Masonry could handle his home, #7, The Chatham House, Holliday Masonry agreed. Todd agreed to try a product that is making its way out west, Sure-Cavity. It keeps air moving behind stucco, manufactured stone, and natural stone. Holliday Masonry used it on both the projects in which they participated on this year's Street of Dreams. Parmenter's project expanded from "1700 square feet of veneer with a wall or two", to finally include everything from an outdoor fireplace, barbeque, footbridge footings, to mortar set pavers and stairs. Both homes were exciting, and working with these builders on such a compressed timeframe was gratifying and exhilarating.

Each home on this year's Street of Dreams used masonry extensively. This trend has continued over the years. The top designers, builders and architects realize the value and beauty masonry brings to their projects. Knowing they will get the quality they require is one step easier, now that they know to look for Certified Residential Masonry Contractor Association members to use for their work. It's no coincidence that three of the homes were completed by our members.

Jamie Holliday
Holliday Masonry