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Mission Statement

To promote the masonry industry through proper training of our work force, and to promote the ethical treatment of both our colleagues and our employees. To educate the design community of not only the beauty of masonry, but also its superiority and versatility over other building products. To carry our industry forward with professionalism and pride.

Our Goals

Together we will:

  1. Promote the use and understanding of masonry in residential construction.
  2. Enhance the professionalism, skills, safety and productivity of the masonry industry workforce.
  3. Provide member companies with the tools to work smarter, more efficiently, and more productively.
  4. Foster the development of strong and mutually-rewarding working relationships between masonry contractors and industry suppliers.

Marketing Summary

RMCA’s marketing and outreach efforts will focus on the following target groups:

  1. Design Professionals
  2. Owners and Developers
  3. General Contractors
  4. Governmental agencies/municipalities

RMCA’s marketing activities will include:

  1. Design education
  2. Technical assistance
  3. Targeted presentations
  4. Architectural awards program
  5. Advertising & public relations

RMCA will be engaged in:

  1. Recruitment, training, and education of laborers, brick masons, masonry contractors, construction suppliers.
  2. We will initiate:
    a. Masonry workers training programs
    b. Contractor certification programs for owners and managers
    c. Intensive safety training and jobsite insurance programs..